Almost July!

Well– Truth be told, this blogging thing is still new to me.  As I’m typing, it’s the last weekend in June and a rainy Saturday.  Many days of weather have us looking for some easy familiar continuity to this month of so many celebrations, grad parties, weddings, proms, and more.  It’s been a cycle: wet, humid, stormy, sunny, downpours, rinse, repeat! 🙂

MFC Open House 043And wow! The office gardens are lush and overgrown.  Hard to believe, but of course with the giant maple gone, the Sun has energized the landscape.  I rejoice in the return of the green hummingbird, smile as the butterflies dance and groan at the antics of the groundhogs. So basically our ‘healing place to come home to’ is doing it’s best to show us that Nature continues and adapts, is renewed and restored..

If you have been in for a spinal checkup there are many families growing!  New babies born and children and college students back to our tables for summer time care.

 Getting checked for subluxations and getting adjusted are a great way to give your body the clear pathways for your inner garden to flourish!  We are happy to help your family and friends become a part of the natural care that Chiropractic provides. Our policy has always been that Initial Consultations are always on the house.

 Don’t forget to check the calendar page to see the monthly schedule of hours and special events!

Chiro Kids: Don’t forget to get your punch card to earn your free frozen yogurt. See you on the tables!

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