Summer Fun & Had Me a Blast!

MFC Open House 209Well it’s amazing that we had such great August weather! So many days in a row ofgorgeous temps and blue skies. And here we are with Labor Day weekend around the corner.
Today I got to do that fun annual phone call to our Back to School Backpack winner. Thing is, I remembered to call, then forgot. So, when the boy came in for care today, I immediately called his mom’s cell phone, and in the same room ‘called’ and told him he was the winner! We all laughed, and had a fun moment in the office.

This summer, we got to help out Camelot for Children with donations received for their summer kids program in exchange for New Patient care. We also saw many postcards come in from vacationers, another summer fun tradition started back in 1991.

The gardens got much use this year, enjoyed by patients, our local chamber of commerce, and even a fun social girls night. The next ‘garden event’ is Thursday, September 24th at 6:15pm where I’ll host “Our Patients Speak”. If you have a passionate story to share about your journey in Chiropractic and how it continues to impact your life, this is your moment to shine. Please share! We’ll  all be seated on the patio, and have some light refreshments too. Since September 18,1895 our profession has been changing lives. Your story could change someone else’s. So instead of me teaching, you’ll be hearing from your community.

Lastly, Summertime for many has meant additional activities in the garden, with more to come as we look ahead to getting prepped for fall. All great reminders to tend your own ‘garden’. Your health and life need to be watered, fed, nurtured. Weed out toxins, fertilize your spirit with a balance of fun and rest and good relationships. Support your plantings so they grow straight and tall. As your Chiropractor, i’m thrilled to be a part of your path to natural thriving. Regular adjustments make all the difference! I consider myself blessed to check you and your families in all of life’s seasons. See you on the tables!


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