SUBLUXATION-FREE ePress  "ORANGE" is the New Color of Health!!

SUBLUXATION-FREE ePress “ORANGE” is the New Color of Health!!

It’s almost mid-October, and life in the practice is shifting from the warm days of summer to the warmish days of autumn. It’s been just lovely out and we have the last burst of roses out front and the mums and pumpkins out back with some harvest scarecrows as well to greet our practice members.

The October festivities for us are in full swing with our annual awareness campaign ‘ORANGE’ YOU GLAD THERE’S CHIROPRACTIC! We encourage people to wear an orange ribbon and share their Chiropractic story with friends, coworkers and loved ones. In addition, we have a New Patient SPECIAL going on and your referrals now have a great opportunity for savings. Please let others know, just as someone told YOU about our office.
For 25 years, except for a Church bulletin ad, we’ve had a Word of Mouth Practice – Nice folks send us other nice folks to have their lives lit up with a Chiropractic lifestyle, so thanks for sharing!

Other highlights this month include:
Orange SNACKS from Oct 19th -29th. Halloween Party (costumes welcome) during office hours on Thurs, 10/29. Dina and I haven’t decided on our outfits yet, so you’ll have to come in and see!! 🙂 By the way, if you haven’t been in, at your next visit you’ll be greeted by Dina. She’s has been learning the ropes quickly, taking on the front desk and the myriad of tasks to help the office run smoothly. Dina is ‘power on’ and ready with a smile and enthusiasm. She’s already brought some great ideas with her to keep things humming nicely.  Dina and Jean, our Wednesday afternoon backoffice asst, attend their chiropractic seminar a couple of weeks ago.  The learning curve was straight up! 

ALSO.. Monday OCT 26th I’m hosting Susan Sloan, from Real Health Quotes for a LUNCH AND LEARN, at 12:30pm at the office.
Susan is a passionate and clear speaker and will gently explain Medicare benefits and answer your questions, providing helpful information. There’s a sign up sheet, so please call and reserve your space, too as we’re preparing a light lunch and need a head count. Who should attend? 62 years and up, or, children of senior aged parents, or anyone doing their prep work and wanting to learn more.

Word for Today- INNATE..
Innate is the inborn wisdom within each of us, that inner intelligence that uses the brain/body nerve system connection to control, coordinate and adapt so we can all live to our best expression a full life. The Art and Science and Philosophy of Chiropractic allows the Nerve system to flow, subluxation free, so Innate can always be fully expressed! The only objective of the Chiropractor is to locate and correct subluxations you you can be re-connected and have a clear flowing nerve system.  

Okay, that’s my TIC talk for you this time.  Been meaning to blog for a while, and i guess once i sit down and type, it’s not so hard to do!

I look forward to seeing you on the tables and serving you and your families, the tall and the small, with my hands and my heart.  25 years! woo-hoo!


Dr. Nalyn

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