Subluxation-Free Press – March 2017

March Madness.. Takes on a Whole New Meaning!

Planting the Seeds for Better Health Begins with YOU…

Okay, confession time here.  Until a few years ago, I honestly thought that March Madness referred to a general feeling of the cabin fever of long winter days.  No clue about college basketball!  So all the specials I saw on billboards for various sales weren’t about buying a new car for spring, but about latching onto an existing exciting event to promote that car.

So why not?  Our Mid March campaign “Spring into Better Health – “Plant the Seeds for Better Health” invites you to share in the message of Chiropractic with loved ones, so that we might ‘grow’ a healthier community!  In March, we hold the hope of knowing that soon the start of March gladness and the promise of more light, growth and health are just around the corner.  So please, take a seed packet and share the coupon on the back with someone who needs to know about our healing space here on Eaton Avenue.  Someone told you about us, now it’s your turn cultivate our family care mission in others. Then, watch them blossom into a healthier expression of themselves with a clear connected nerve supply and continue spreading the news of better health. Turn the madness of ill health in gladness for a well connected nerve supply.

Slam Dunk!  Thanks! 🙂


Please say hello to

Dana Follweiler, our new front desk assistant. Dana has been training to allow for a smooth transition for us all.

Dina, whose smile and easy conversational style had been with us during the new software and electronic billing conversion, is off to pursue her dream of organic farming and community education.  We thank her warmly for embracing our practice members and our happy healing space and wish her all good things as she follows her passion.Dana comes to us with health care office management and organizational experience, is a mom of 2,  loves the outdoors and her 3 dogs. She’s excited to be joining the practice and we are excited to have her with us.(Have fun, as I will with the name change:  DIna, DAna.. EIEIO…)

While I’m at it, always good to give a shout out to

Jean, who has been our veteran Wednesday evening CAA… (assistant to the assistant), taking care of charts and computer tech needs.  The workings of an office include many behind the scenes projects.  I am happy to know I’m in good hands, with these ladies while YOU, the patients are in good hands with me!

FAQs with the DOC

Q: Why do you ask me to breathe deeply when you check my spine?

A: Breath is a part of life!  Often as I do pre-checks, I can see a lack of full inspiration in a person.  This is often an indication that there is a disconnect in the flow of messages from the brain to the body.  After your adjustment it is common to see a better, fuller more complete inspiration from top to bottom.  It’s a marvel to witness the immediate change post adjustment, when the nerve system is again reconnected and flowing the way nature intended, subluxation-free.

Happy breathing!


Bellies! Babies! Births!  Our Workshop series for spring has scheduled the return for this special evening presentation.  If you are expecting, or a part of the birth support team, please join us March 23rd 6:30-7:30 as we explore and share the benefits of Chiropractic care for this most important life event!  Moms2Be night out! Nursing babies welcome! Light refreshments.

Reservations please 610-974-8900

* * * *

Extreme Makeover: the St. Luke’s Edition!

Our neighborhood is growing and bringing more life to our intersection right next door.  The removal of the old bank and two houses next door toward 8th Ave. has now given way to the start of construction (there’s my office, bottom right. so EASY to spot now!).  This year St. Luke’s is building a new 3 practice facility right next door, pediatrics, ob-gyn and nephrology.  We look forward to its completion in November. In the meantime, there’s much to watch and listen for as they are busy at work. Stay tuned!


* * * *

Saturday, April 23rd  9a-1p   SAVE THE DATE!

Want to help in the garden transformation? Come with gloves and ready to help on EARTH DAY. Something for everyone to pitch in.  Last year we had a good time, pizza, outdoor adjustments and really spruced up the garden views.  Sign up at the front desk.  Many hands make light work!


Thanks for being amazing members of our Practice,

And thanks too, for all your referrals,

See you on the tables!

Dr. Nalyn

Final Takeaway:

“What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters

compared to what lies within us.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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