So Thankful!

As we enter into the final seasons of the year, it’s always appropriate to pause and reflect on the many blessings we’ve received. I am grateful for opportunity to serve you and your families with life-giving adjustments on a regular basis.  For the folks you’ve referred to our office, for the new patients and BRAND […]

Subluxation-Free Press – March 2017

Marcus Family Chiropractic   Subluxation-Free Press Newsy Newsletter  Spring 2017 “March MADNESS.. no clue!” Help Plant Some Aliveness! The Front Desk – Hello/Goodbye Welcome Dana! The Neighborhood  or “Extreme Makeover, the St. Luke’s Edition” Babies! Bellies! Births!  Thursday 3/23 Evening Event Save the Date  – Earth Day Office Gardens!  March Madness.. Takes on a Whole New Meaning! Planting […]

SUBLUXATION-FREE ePress  "ORANGE" is the New Color of Health!!

SUBLUXATION-FREE ePress “ORANGE” is the New Color of Health!!

It’s almost mid-October, and life in the practice is shifting from the warm days of summer to the warmish days of autumn. It’s been just lovely out and we have the last burst of roses out front and the mums and pumpkins out back with some harvest scarecrows as well to greet our practice members. […]

Almost July!

Well– Truth be told, this blogging thing is still new to me.  As I’m typing, it’s the last weekend in June and a rainy Saturday.  Many days of weather have us looking for some easy familiar continuity to this month of so many celebrations, grad parties, weddings, proms, and more.  It’s been a cycle: wet, […]